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Chinook 60% Carbon Mast Reduced Diameter

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CS MC60370
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60% Carbon Fiber 2-Piece Reduced Diameter (RDM) Mast

- 60% Carbon fiber RDM mast.
- Constant curve bend characteristics work perfectly with the majority of sails on the market.
- 60% carbon content provides excellent reflex response to maintain desired sail shape.
- Remaining composite material further increases durability.
- Color coded mast sizes.
- Bag & Shim sold separately
- Chinook Full Year Warranty



Item IMCS Stiffness IMCS Bend Curve Flex Type Weight
340cm 16 63B / 77T Constant Curve 3.95 lbs. or 1.80 kl
370cm 17 63B / 77T Constant Curve 4.35 lbs. or 1.98 kl
400cm 19 63B / 77T Constant Curve 4.95 lbs. or 2.25 kl
430cm 21 63B / 77T Constant Curve 5.5 lbs. or 2.50 kl
460cm 25 63B / 77T Constant Curve 6.4 lbs. or 2.91 kl
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