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BIC Sport Rig Nova 6.0 SUP

BIC Sport
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BIC Nova 6.0 m2 SUP Rig Pack

The Nova sail is the ideal choice for “leisure” sailing on relatively flat water. It has been designed with pure simplicity and durability in mind, and is ideally suited to our Nova range of boards.

The sail is made from tough Dacron, is well reinforced and super hard wearing, great for intensive use.

The rig package includes the sail, the mastfoot, the mast, the extension and the boom.

Delivered in a very practical sail bag that includes additional pockets for storing the mast and the mast base, and the possiblity to attach the boom so that it can be carried «all in one».


SizematerialLuffBoom LengthExtensionBattens

6.0 m2     Dacron     448 cm     190 cm     18     2 + 2 1/2    
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