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BIC Sport SUP Bic Jungle 10.10

BIC Sport
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BIC Sport Jungle Wind 10.10 Stand Up Paddle Board

The Bic Jungle Wind 10.10 Stand-Up Paddleboard offers versatility beyond a simple stand-up paddleboard. So why settle for a single-use board when there are so many ways to experience the water?


  • Paddleboarding develops core muscles and balance—it's the perfect training activity for surfers, skiers and paddlers
  • Perfect for cruising on flat water and charging light surf, the Jungle Wind 10.10 combines durability and performance to create a great multipurpose board
  • 10 ft. 10 in. length is easier to transport than longer paddleboards but tracks just as well; short design is easily maneuvered in light surf
  • Low rocker design from nose to tail provides high speed and straight tracking when paddling on flat water; design also handles light surf and rolling waves with ease
  • Advanced Sandwich Technology construction features an EPS foam core wrapped with an epoxy resin/fiberglass outer shell; sandwich construction offers lightweight durability
  • Padded deck supplies reliable wax-free traction when paddling in the standing or kneeling position, and increases comfort on long paddles
  • 10.4 in. single fin promotes straight tracking in the water
  • Flat bottom and great secondary stability make this board a solid choice for long-distance paddles, or short, confidence-building trips
  • Includes track slot to attach a windsurfing mast, and attachment points for a kayak seat (mast and kayak seat not included)
  • Includes a saber-style daggerboard, a small insert that plugs the daggerboard slot when not in use, detachable footstraps and a 3/4-length EVA deckpad


Best Use Paddleboarding
Material(s) EPS foam core/fiberglass/epoxy resin
Nose 19.5
Mid 28.25 inches
Tail 16.5
Thickness 5.1 inches
Fin Length 10.4 inches
Fin Box Single
Volume 175 liter
Weight Capacity (lbs) (Beginner) 60 - 180 / (intermediate) 210 / (advanced) 230 pounds
Weight 27 lbs. 8 oz.
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