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Blackburn Marine Bilge Cleaner (1 Gallon)

Blackburn Marine
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BioBilge Bilge Cleaner (1 Gallon)

Bio-Bilge Wash is a highly concentrated biobased product which using the power of Colloidal Chemistry to tackle the most challenging marine situations. When it is added to bilge water it emulsifies and encapsulates the floating oil or fuel. Adding it to bilge/ballast water constantly cleans all contact surfaces and breaks down scum lines and other residues for safe, non-polluting disposal. Prevents slippery decks from fuel and oil residues and can be safely sprayed directly onto the surface of the water, dispersing oil and fuel and eliminating visible sheen as well as fire danger.

This product is equally effective with fresh, salt and brackish water.

This product is ideal for:

    • Oil/Fuel Spill Cleanup


    • Bilges and Ballast Tanks


    • OPA Deck Side Emulsifier


    • Fire Fighting


    • Uneven platforms


    • High wind/high seas applications.


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