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5/32" Diameter Wire Rope 1x19 Strand This cable features a 7x19 construction and is available in diameters ranging from 1/16" to 1/2". Custom spools are offered as well as bulk spools of 5000 ft. The wire rope is left hand lay and made from grade 316 stai
Shock cord has nearly endless number of uses that include crafting, camping, boating, hunting, biking, traveling, emergency preparedness and more. Shock cord is the "go to" cord for securing a load during transport. With its endless uses shock cord is a m
Mooring Shock Absorber Large Part#
Protects mooring lines from strain by absorbing the jerking motions from the line. Also called Mooring line snubbers.
Wire 5/32In 1X19 Ss /Foot Part#