Chinook Pro-1 Alloy 225cm Boom Part# 250
Chinook Rubber Joint - replacement rubber joint for mast feet.
Chinook Mast Base 2-bolt Rubber - US CupTwo-Bolt Quick-Release Mast Base with Rubber Universal and classic two pin mast cup. Rubber joint provides shock absorption in choppy conditions. The built in tool allows you to easily and securely attach the base p
The new Six Pin adjusting collar and anodized logo/index markings are some of the unique and innovative features that make these the most popular extensions on the market. Standard with the proven US Power-Haul pulley and cleat system and 2 cm adjustment
The new Sport Boom is well designed to provide a large adjustment range, ease of use and great features. New diecut boom grip provides a high end quality grip that delivers great comfort on your hands. The adjustment range is the larges in it boom class. 
Power Glide Rig Pack w/ 40% Carbon Reduced Diameter Mast
Screw or valve used in many windsurf or SUP boards to vent internal air buildup. - 1 – inch
Brass Insert 6Mm Thread X 11Mm | Chinook Sailing Products | Mariner-Sails
Footstrap ScrewThe stainless steel phillips head screw used on most boards coming out of the Cobra factory.Priced each.
Easy UphaulJoin everyone on the US Sailing Team and uphaul with a smile. Take it easy on your back. Everyone who tries it loves it, even beginners. Design has been recently improved.
Chinook 30" Fixed Harness Lines Part# CS 530
Chinook 5-hole Footstrap Insert - Self tapping.
Chinook Vent Screw Slot W/ O-Ring Part# CS 318
Chinook Pro-1 Skinny Adapter Part# CS 221
Chinook Quick Adjust Hinged Collar - for standard diameter Chinook Extensions.This is the collar that was standard prior to the new 6-pin snap collar Chinook is now using. Some people prefer this collar.Limited Availability.
Chinook Collar & Pin - for RDM extensions.Repair part.
Chinook US Cup Kit - for mast feet.Repair part or to change an older style mast foot.
Chinook Mast Base Upper - Two-Bolt Rubber Universal with US Cup.Deck Plate not included
Chinook HEX Bolt Part# CS 99
Power Glide Rig Pack w/ Epoxy Fiberglass Standard Diameter Mast
Screw or valve used in many windsurf or SUP boards to vent internal air buildup.Standard size for most boards.
Chinook Paddle Sup 50% Shaft Fg Bl Part# CS SUPP30