Chinook Paddle Sup 50% Shaft Fg Bl Part# CS SUPP30
Lightweight adjustable carbon SUP Paddle with ABS edge for protection and durability.
Lightweight adjustable carbon SUP Paddle with ABS edge for protection and durability.
Chinook Spectra 4MM Line (300' Spool) Part# 450
Solarez Epoxy 2Oz | Chinook Sailing Products | Mariner-Sails
Chinook Tee-Shirt Short Sleeve - Med Part# CS 617MD
Chinook Competition Boom Head - 1-1/4" Part# CS 227L
Chinook Washer For Fin Bolt Part# 950
Chinook Deviator Part# 550
Chinook Mast Base 1-bolt Mechanical - Euro-PinChinook One-Bolt Twist On Mast Base with Mechanical Universal and Euro-Pin. Mechanical joint is easy to attach to wide boards and provides instant drive to race boards. Includes four finger grooves for easy ti
Chinook Footstrap External Adjustment Part# CS 510
Chinook Medium Aluminum RD Mast Extension - US CupCustom alloy and bell shaped tubing provide the best weight-to-strength available in aluminum. All come with a pin and collar adjustment system and the proven US Power-Haul pulley and cleat system. 2 cm ad
Chinook Tall Aluminum Mast Extension - Euro-PinThe sleek new 2008 design adjusting collar and anodized logo/index markings are some of the unique and innovative features that make these the most popular extensions on the market. Standard with the proven E
Chinook 5/8 inch Retrofit Vent w/ Slot ScrewEasy to install after hull is complete.
Chinook Competition Gorge BoomMade from super strong 6070 marine alloy, reduced diameter (1 1/8") grip. All Competition booms feature a 24”/61cm continuous aluminum tail-piece, semi-articulating boom head, external locking collar system, incremental adjus
Pro 1 Alloy Race 185-247cm Monocoque body, custom alloy, fully articulating head, absolute length markings, proven easy to use adjustment collars, positive snap-in skinny adapter, modern ben
Chinook Carbon Boom Tailpiece - 66cm. Replacement part.Monocoque tubular construction for increased stiffness and strength. Permanent co-laminated extension length markings. Outhaul block rigs to a grommet or double sail pulley with no line crossover. Thr
Chinook Rig Winch - US CupThe answer to the problem of rigging sails with very high downhaul tension. Also allows children to rig their own sails without help from the parents. But be careful not to over-downhaul, it's that easy.
Chinook Cl 250 Downhaul Cleat Part# CS 185
Chinook US Cup Kit - for mast feet.Repair part or to change an older style mast foot.
Stud - 8mm x 45mm Stainless Steel - Replace broken U-Joints with one of these on each end of a Chinook CS 120 Flex U-Joint
Chinook Deck WasherUsed under both 1-bolt and 2-bolt mast feet to protect the deck of your board.