Chinook Mast Base Upper - Two-Bolt Rubber Universal with US Cup.Deck Plate not included
This is the clip for the Chinook quick release mast base plate.
Chinook Mast Base Foot Ss Q.R. Bottom Part# CS 67
Chinook Mast Base 1-bolt Rubber - US CupOne-Bolt Twist On Mast Base with Rubber Universal and classic two pin mast cup. Rubber joint provides shock absorption in choppy conditions. Includes four finger grooves for easy tightening and safety webbing.
Chinook Board Madd 138 Part#
Chinook Twin Tips / Flying Fish SUP paddles will make you wonder why this isn't the norm. Tracking in a straight line becomes simple and your body will appreciate the symmetric, rhythmic workout. A longer reach makes turning much faster.
Chinook Blue Hybrid combines a lively carbon shaft with a durable fiberglass blade and extremely smooth paddling characteristics

Carbon shaft provides strength, stiffness, and consistent flex
Fiberglass blade is solid and very durable. Great for situa
This tubing protects windsurfing rig harness lines from chafing or damage.
Chinook Bolt 8mm x 35mm Hex Tool Part# 70
Wrap Straps Wide 12 Foot | Chinook Sailing Products | Mariner-Sails
Chinook Medium Aluminum RD Mast Extension - Euro-PinCustom alloy and bell shaped tubing provide the best weight-to-strength available in aluminum. All come with a pin and collar adjustment system and the proven Euro-Pin Power-Haul pulley and cleat system.
Chinook Competition Boom Head - 1-1/8" Part# CS 227S
Chinook Rig Winch - Euro-PinThe answer to the problem of rigging sails with very high downhaul tension. Also allows children to rig their own sails without help from the parents. But be careful not to over-downhaul, it's that easy.
Chinook Skinny Med Carbon Mast Extnsn Part# CS 018S
Chinook Medium Carbon Mast Est E-Pin Part# CS 018P
Chinook Washer For Fin Bolt Neoprene Part# 955
Brass Insert - 1/4-20The barrel nut for most windsurfing fins using a thru-hull box (Tuttle, Trim and Power).Priced each.
Brass Insert - 6mmThe barrel nut for most windsurfing fins using a thru-hull box (Tuttle, Trim and Power).Priced each.
Chinook Volcano Toe-Jam Pad Part# CS 615
Chinook UphaulChinook's low-price, high quality uphaul. Hard to beat.
Chinook Mast ShimA rubber shim that allows a "normal" boom head to fit a Reduced Diameter mast.
Chinook Wrap Tie Down Straps - 15 ftChinook Wrap Straps, with padded buckles, these are the best for keeping your gear secure while traveling. 15 foot. Priced per pair.