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Dakine T-6 Harness

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Whether your windsurfing style is slalom racing, wave, freestyle, or freeride, a windsurfing
harness will help you save energy while sailing in high winds. A windsurfing harness lets a windsurfer to hook in the harness lines attached to the boom and let their body weight balance against the windsurf sail, without having to use the arms. The also promote a positive, upright stance that helps progression at any level, from beginners to professional.

Dakine has been designing windsurf harnesses for 30 years, and is the inventor of the thermoform concept. Dakine makes the best and most supportive windsurfing harnesses on the planet and even though they make many other products, the Dakine brand is synonymous with cutting edge windsurfing harness design.

The Dakine T-6 is an evolution of the popular T-5 harness. Loaded with features, it has been modified to include a narrower front section with Dakine’s proprietary Dual Posi-Lock buckle system and more centered lumbar pad location.

It also provides a perfect wrap around fit, with maximum support and flexibility. The fit of the T-6 is targeted suit as many body types as possible. With sizes ranging from XS to XL. The Dakine T6 molded Exterior and pre-curved P.E.B inner support structure are key features to the support and comfort of this harness design and the velcro strap tightens the waist band and shapes the back of the harness into your back. The Power-Belt coupled with the sliding feature of a Posi-Lock system, allows custom fit and free hip rotation while hooked into your harness lines.

Key Features:

  • Dual Posi-Lock buckle sliding bar system
  • Stainless steel spreader bar
  • Pre-curved P.E.B. inner support structure
  • Featherweight ES foam molded interior
  • Single velcro retainer strap
  • Independent primary and secondary power belt
  • Key Pocket in lower position of harness
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