FeelFree 2016 Moken 10 (Prior Year Model)

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Just like the Moken 10 Angler, the Feelfree Moken 10 Standard is ready for whatever adventure you have in mind. Stable, maneuverable and easy to transport thanks to our Wheel in the Keel, this is a kayak that everyone will appreciate, from the experienced angler, diver or explorer to the novice paddler. The Moken 10 Standard comes with molded-in carry handles, fishing rod holders, a stern crate and gear recess and a unique soft top bow storage area for convenient gear accessibility. Regardless of activity the Moken 10 Standard is the perfect all around fishing, diving, exploring kayak for any paddler.

King fisher seat
Front oval hinge hatch
Quarter turn hatch
Center console
Front Uni Track rail
Rear Uni Track rail with tie down system
Molded-in crate recess
Side pockets
Fishing rod holders
Stand up leash
Standing pad

Length: 10'4" / 3.15m
Width: 35" / 89.5cm
Hull Weight: 60.6lbs / 27.5kg
Rigged Weight: 64.6lbs
Capacity: 440lbs / 200kg
Type Of Kayak: Sit on Top
Deck Height: n/a
Cockpit Height: n/a
Cockpit Width: n/a
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