Sail Ezzy Infinity 8.5M

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Ezzy 2011 Infinity 8.5M

Power. Range. Compatibility.
The 2011 twin-cam Infinity has a deep, draft forward profile that gently pulls you up and onto a plane without pumping. Since the Infinity has a massive wind range, you can easily jump one meter increments between sail sizes, which means fewer sails in your quiver. There is no need to purchase a new mast because the Infinity will rig on any mast made within the past 20 years. It fits great on RDM and standard diameter masts.

Strong and light.
The Technora® and Tri-Lite materials used in the Infinity are much lighter than monofilm and will last many years longer.

Easy to tune.
Thanks to the color coded downhaul marks and the color coded outhaul cords, making the sail’s huge wind range easy to navigate.

You’re not the first to rig it.
Our quality is guaranteed because we rig every sail in our factory before it’s shipped.

• The Infinity is beautifully stable on flat water or even in surf.
• The Infinity is designed with a massive outhaul adjustment range for strong wind.
• The Infinity’s deep profile gives fantastic lightwind speed.
• The Infinity is uniquely easy to downhaul.
• The Infinity’s narrow mast sleeve takes on minimal water.
• The Infinity has our ultra strong Spectra X-film throughout the sail and we use absolutely no monofilm.
• The strong vinyl window provides a lifetime of great visibility.
• Every Infinity is rigged and checked in our own factory.
• The Infinity’s removable and user-friendly cam system fits any mast made within the past 15 years, including RDM masts.

• The removable, 316 stainless steel tack pulley can be replaced with the 316 stainless D-ring for those who prefer a grommet with a pulley hook.

• Luff: 507-509 cm
• Boom: 227-234cm
• Battens: 7
• Cambers: 2
• Recommended Mast: 490/26/29

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