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Hobie 14 Race Edition

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Hobie 14
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The International Hobie 14

This was the first sports catamaran that was ever invented! Created in 1968, the Hobie 14 is unique and universal. It was a real revolution in water sports and continues to make the adrenaline run!

The Hobie 14 was the original catamaran designed by Hobie Alter. The general shape and design of the boat is very similar to the later built Hobie 16. They share many of the same parts. The 14 was originally designed to be sailed as a unirig with just a main sail. It is possible to convert a standard 14 into a Hobie 14 “Turbo”, by adding a jib and dolphin striker.

The Hobie 14 is known for its forward mast and very bent banana shaped hull. The forward mast and odd shaped hulls make the boat quite sensitive to weight placement fore and aft. If the helm sits too far forward, he or she can cause the leeward bow to dig in, resulting in a pitchpole. Hobie 14s are great for younger sailors who want a solo multihull that can be held down without much weight. Used boats can be found quite cheaply.

The Hobie 14 is an outstanding platform for an experienced Hobie sailor wishing to both single-hand and be able to right the boat by one’s self when the inevitable flying hull goes over too far.


  • Crew: 1-2
  • Length: 4.25 m / 13' 11?
  • Beam: 2.34 m / 14' 3?
  • Capacity: 160 kg / 353 lbs
  • Weight: 110 kg / 242.5 lbs
  • Mast Length: 6.78 m / 22' 3?
  • Mainsail Area: 10.46 m² / 112.59 ft²
  • Hull Construction: Fiberglass/Foam Sandwich

This Boat must be assembled by an Authorized Hobie Dealer and Picked up at the Hobie Dealer Location or Delivered by your Authorized Hobie Dealer.

Crew: 1-2
Length: 4.25 m \ 13' 11"
Beam: 2.34 m \ 7' 8"
Capacity: 160 kg \ 353 lbs
Weight: 110 kg \ 242.5 lbs
Draft (Min): 0
Mast Length: 6.78 m \ 22' 3"
Mainsail Area: 10.46 m² \ 112.59 ft²
Jib Sail Area: 0
Spinnaker Sail Area: 0
Total Sail Area: 0
Hull Construction: Fiberglass/Foam Sandwich