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Heat Shrink Crimp Butt Connectors AWG 12-10 (Pack Of 4) Yellow

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Heat Shrink Crimp Butt Connectors (Pack Of 4) 12-10 Gauge


A heat shrink butt connector is a terminal that is used to mate, connect, or terminate a single wire. Each heat shrink butt splice completely seals the terminal when heated, and is the most durable insulation for electrical connections. These connectors can be used in cars, boats and applications that utilize wire to transfer electrical current.

Heat shrink is adhesive-lined and color-coded to industry standard wire range.
The translucent, gauge printed heat shrink allows for visual inspection.
Have a greater pull strength when compared to vinyl or nylon.
Heat shrink terminals protect against corrosion and are waterproof.


HIGH QUALITY COPPER CORE: Core Heat shrink butt connectors use the copper core with high thickness, which is up to 1mm.Make connection project safer! High thickness copper core calls the attention of buyers!

HIGH QUALITY HEAT SHRINK: Translucent heat shrink tubing provides high tensile strength and resistance to stretch and mechanical damage. Thick barrel ensures strong crimp every time. The inner wall of heat-shrinkable tube has enough hot melt adhesive to ensure waterproof performance. Your wire will never slip out of these heat shrink butt connectors.

APPLICATION AREAS-Application in areas such as automotive, watercraft, electrical and electronics industries, with 4 different sizes, So that repair work is much easier
COMPLIANT WITH ALL RELEVANT STANDARDS: Our heat shrink butt connectors are compliant with ROHS,ISO 9001:2008, SGS and CE standards.

RECOGNIZABLE: tubing’s of different colors with the mark of wire gauge are easy to recognize. Measure the wiring, and by checking the mark of wire gauge of the polyolefin tubing, you can choose the right connector very easily.


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