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Aussie Jib Halyard SystemReduces mast compression by 66%. Allows easier tacking, better mast rotation and consistent mast bend! Complete ki
Stainless Steel Clevis Pin- 1/4 x 5/8 inch
Hobie Forestay H-16 Aussie Part# 20810031
Hobie Shroud Adjuster 1/4In 10 Hole Part# 20830020
Hobie Shackle Bow 1/4In Pin (6.4Mm) Part# 10700000
Hobie Lock Ring 1/4In Clevis Pin Part# 20860000
Hobie Block H16 Jib Halyard Part# 11070000
Hobie Jib Halyard Assembly H16 Part# 20661001
Stainless Steel Clevis Pin- 1/4 x 1/2 inch
Hobie Block H16/18 Jib Halyard Part# 20240001
Hobie Forestay H-16 Upper Aussie Part# 20810041
Hobie Halyard Ring-Aussie Part# 3064
Hobie Forestay H16 Lower Black Part# 20812011
Hobie Sheave Jib Assembly H16-18 Part# 61260000
Hobie Forestay H16 Upper Part# 20810011
Hobie Bridle H16 White Each Part# 20820011
Hobie Bridle H16 Black Part# 20822011
Stainless Steel Cotter Pin - 3/32 x 3/4 inchThe common cotter pin used for rudder systems. Also used in older Mirage Drives.
Hobie Shackle Halyard Part# 10670000