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Hobie Rudder CamTrouble keeping your rudders locked down? The rudder cam is one of the first things to wear out in the Hobie rudder system. If you have the original hollow rivet holding the cam in your casting, you will need to drill it out with a 1/4" bi
Hobie Rudder Blade EPO 3 Part# 20490030
Standard replacement rudder blade for Hobie 14 / 16 / 17 / 18 , along with older Bravo, Getaway and Wave pre-EzLoc rudder systems.
Hobie Screw Delrin Rudder Part# 60450000
Hobie Rudder Cam Stop Plate Part# 20352000
Hobie Rudder Cam Kit H14/16 Part# 5202
Hobie Rudder Cam Sister Screw H14/16 (Pair) Part# 5201
Hobie Lwr Rudder Casting H14/16 Blk Part# 10412011
Hobie Rudder Locking Kit H14/16 Part# 10311900
Rudder Casting SpringThe spring used in rudder locking on most Hobie lower rudder castings.
Hobie Pin Rudder Casting (Cam Pin) Part# 10470000
SCREW,3/8-16X3/4 inch,DELRIN,RAKE
BOLT 5/16-18x2 3/8 (RUDDER)
Hobie Plunger Rudder H14/16 Part# 10440000
Hobie Tiller Arm H16 Straight Black Part# 20382011
Hobie Upr.Rddr Cast H14/16 Lft Blk Part# 10352011
Hobie Upper Rudder Casting H14 / H16 Right Black Part# 10362011
Hobie Tiller End Cap Part# 10400010