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Hobie Hinge Vertex Gooseneck Part# 50772031
HOBIE - NUT - 1/4-20 - HX NYLOCKA very common size Nylock nut used on Mirage Drives and in many places on the Hobie Catamarans. Also a common size used in mounting fishing rod holder bases.
Harken Sheave 1-1/8" Part# HAR 160
Hobie Orange Mast Caution Decal Part# 13440010
Hobie Lock Ring 1/4In Clevis Pin Part# 20860000
Hobie Mast Head H17 Black Part# 50412001
Hobie Halyard Ring W/Loop Part# 61290021
Hobie Foam Plug H18 Mast Part# 60060000
Hobie Halyard Hook H17 Part# 50403011
Hobie Mast Base H17/20 Black Part# 50416011
Hobie Mast Tang H16/18 Part# 20690000
Hobie Luff Track Update (14.8) Part# 50404111
Hobie Twist Shackle 3/16In Pin Part# 60670000
Hobie Mast Seal Plate H18 Part# 61080000
Block 22mm Single Micro Part# HAR 224
Hobie Lufftrack - (All But Hobie 16) Part# 38584001
Hobie Mast Caution Band Black Part# 13440000
Hobie Shackle Bow 4.7 Mm Part# 10870000
Hobie Split Ring 3/16In Part# 10860001
Stainless Steel Clevis Pin- 1/4 x 1-3/16 inch
Stainless Steel Hex Head Bolt - 1/4-20 x 7/8 inch.Priced each.Commonly used to fasten the vertex in the gooseneck assembly on fiberglass catamarans.