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Hobie Cover Getaway

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Hobie Getaway Cover

Hobie's low cost cover may be just what you’ve been looking for! It’s made of woven polyethylene that is coated on both sides, one side silver, one side black. We’ve chosen this polyethylene because of its excellent resistance to ultra-violet degradation. It is a woven rather than sheet fabric to provide great tear strength. These covers will tolerate sun, wind, rain, high and low temperatures, and not fall apart. This fabric was specially designed for outdoor application.

Designed specifically for the Getaway. Tapes are sewn in place to secure the cover around the hulls and crossbars. Features such as cut outs or slits can be created with scissors. The edges will not catch, fray, or pull. We ship 5 feet of adhesive backed velcro with each kit to be used to prevent those slits from flapping in the breeze.

Install with silver side out.

These covers are not designed to be used while trailering.


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