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Hobie Trapeze Kit Wave

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Hobie Trapeze Kit Wave Part# 38140001
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HC 38140001
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Wave Trapeze Kit materials and instruction

#38140001 - WAVE TRAPEZE KIT. #38140001 / 09/23 ON BACK ORDER


Parts list:

  • 2- trapeze wires (SKU #1470B)
  • 2- trapeze dog bones (SKU #2001)
  • 1- 5/16" shackle (SKU #RF636)
  • 2- rope locks (SKU #61530000)
  • 2- eye straps (SKU #HAR 137)
  • 2- trapeze adjustment line 1/4" x 6 Ft. (SKU #
  • 4- 1/4-20 x 1/2 screws (SKU #8032010)
  • 1/4" x 4 ft. shockcord(SKU #8004810)
  • 4 - hog crimps 1/4"

Hang the 5/16" shackle in place of the original shroud on the mast. Install the shrouds and
forestay then hang the trapeze wires from the outermost sides of the shackle. Tighten the
shackle with pliers. If the mast will be left up over long periods it is best to also install a
keeper wire through the shackle pin to prevent it from backing out. Step the mast.
The eye straps attach to the outboard side of each hull. Locate the two buttons that are
opposite the center trampoline hook on each hull. (*If there are no small plastic buttons
here, you may have an older Wave. See notes below*). Club Waves have no trampoline
hooks but can still locate two buttons near center of hull. Remove the small button caps
from the screw holes. Install one eye strap
per hull with the screws provided.
Attach the rope lock and dog bone as in
figure 3.
Tie the shockcord end of the line to the eye
strap on each hull.

* Older Wave Notes:
After Spring of 95' the trampoline center hook is installed into a molded-in fitting that is
found on both sides of each hull (note the two caps over screw holes on the outboard side
of each hull). Boats older than Spring 95' will have to install an inspection port to access
the inside of the hull to back up screws with nuts and washers (not provided).

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