Superfreak Ul8.0 Hot Sails Maui

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Hotsails Maui Superfreak Ul 8.0

The UL (Ultra light) version of the Super Freaks utilizes a fabric that is 50% lighter than our normal lightweight Dacron on 50% of the sail results in shocking performance.

Though the physical weight of the sail is nearly the same, the "feel" is dramatically lighter. Increased, gust absorption, lighter handling, and reduced momentum all result in the feeling of a sail .5m smaller.

The UL can be rigged with much less tension than the Super Freak. This gives great low-end range and inexplicable perfect stability in gusty winds making it a premium Freeride sail.

The Superfreak UL is one of the lightest sails in the world.
The construction is second to none, and the quality of the construction is amazing.

The Ultralight panels are sewn with smaller needles and thinner thread to keep them smooth and prevent seam damage. All the edges of woven cloths are folded and hemmed under, all seams are glued and triple stitched. The mast sleeve can withstand having the mast break in two and splinter without damage to the sail. These are not normal features on ANY other brand of sail.


  • Luff: 507
  • Boom: 220
  • Ideal Mast: 490
  • Battens: 5
  • Weight: 8.8 lbs, 4 kg