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Mad Frog Gear (Discontinued) Nano Liberator Transducer Mount

Mad Frog Gear
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Nano Liberator

Mad Frog Gear - Liberator TDA Mounting System
The Liberator system makes it easy to mount a transducer and other fishfinder components any small paddle craft. There are different Liberator models, please see below for finding which will work best.

Liberator (Standard) - Comes with a larger base, designed to support a fishfinder head, a small battery bag or box and TDA.
Liberator Mini - Has a smaller base and is designed to hold just the fishfinder head and a TDA.
Micro Liberator - Was designed to hold only the TDA. They come with the hardware needed for mounting on a track.
Nano Liberator - Super small and versatile. Works well with the YakAttack Screw Ball.

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