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BerleyPro Native Titan Seat Risers

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BP6036 - Native Watercraft -  Seat Risers - Titan - Slayer XC - Slayer MAX


These risers will change your angle pedaling, Make it easier to stand up and down and give you more storage under the seat.  This is a set of 4 parts to raise the seat on your Native Watercraft by 2 inches. You just need to remove the locking screws from your old seat and slot this new ones on the ends of the seat frame.

Designed To Fit:

  • Titan 10,12 and 13.5
  • Slayer XC
  • Slayer Max 12 with the rotomolded seat base.

These are CNC machined from solid plastic and are not 3D Printed they are made in Australia.

Does not fit the Slayer Max 10. You will need BP6035