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Native Watercraft Propel Upgrade Kit

Native Watercraft
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The new Easy Cruz hi efficiency propeller optimizes pitch and rake adjustments to give the drive unit a 50% increase in efficiency while maintaining the same top end speed the Propel Drive (patent pending) is revered for. We have also added a power boat like sheer pin system to protect your drive system in case the blades strike anything while spinning.


  • For - Ultimate Propel 10100001+
  • Mariner Propel 20100001+
  • Re-designed prop for the Propel Pedal Drive
  • Increased efficiency with no speed loss
  • Power Boat like sheer pin system to protect the blades from impact damage
  • Easy Cruz cartriedge
  • Kit includes a propeller blade and the replacement cassette
  • Compatible with 2010 and 2011 models
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