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Hobie Decal Hobie Script Black Part# 12451050
Hobie Drain Plug With Gasket Part# 10091000
Hobie Push-In Panel Rivet (Inboard) Part# 38120031
Hobie Tequila Sunrise Dome Decal 4-1/2 Hobie Part# 12453031
Hobie H-18 Trapeze Shock Cord Part# 60730001
Hobie Anchor Pin Part# 20100000
Hobie Rectangular Hatch Assembly White Part# 71710001
Hobie U/V Protectant (12oz) Part# 70060001
Hobie Fairlead H18 Thru-Deck Part# 60270000
HOBIE - SCREW - #8 x 1" - PHSMS-P SS
Hobie Bow Tang H18 Part# 60120000
Hobie Decal 'Hobie' Script Wht Part# 12451051
HOBIE - SCREW - #8 x 3/4 inch FHSMS P SSUsed to secure Mesh Stowage Pockets on Hobie Kayaks.Flathead machine stainless steel machine screw with phillips head.
Hobie Gudgeon Lower Cats Part# 50101401
Hobie Daggerboard Well Retro Kit H18 Part# 60309001
Hobie Drain Plug Housing Part# 10092000
Hobie Track End Stop H16 Part# 20260000
Hobie Pop In Deckplate Flange Only Part# 61370000
HOBIE - NUT - 1/4-20 - HX NYLOCKA very common size Nylock nut used on Mirage Drives and in many places on the Hobie Catamarans. Also a common size used in mounting fishing rod holder bases.
Hobie Eyestrap Part# 61510000
HOBIE - SCREW - 1/4-20 x 1" - RHMS-PH SSUsed on the H-18 mast step to hold the mast bearing on.
HOBIE - SCREW - 1/4-20 x 1-5/8 inch THMS SS
Screw #12-24 x 1 inch RHMS (Gudgeons)