Hobie Mast Float Kit Mama Bob Std Part# 30119
Harken Cleat Pivoting Exit Small Cam Part# HAR 291
Hobie Mast Stepper Part# 3152
HOBIE - NUT (WELL NUT ) - 10-32 x 1" This rubber toggle bolthas become increasingly popular with the kayak fisherman. It allows you to install a very secure, water-tight fitting when you have
Stainless Steel Clevis Pin - 5/16 x 2-1/16 inchUsed as the upper rudder pin on the Hobie 20
Hobie Mast Stepper III Part# 3156
Hobie Split Ring Part# F99220230
Rivet, 6-6 Panhead Monel
Hobie Fairlead Replmnt Kit Part# 11952021
Hobie Wave Mast Float Kit - Mini Bob Part# 30115
Hobie Keeper Pins 5/16In Part# 20501
Shroud Adjuster - Butterfly
Hobie Swivel Cam Cleat - Holt Allen Part# 50017
Hobie Clevis Pin Set Wave/Getaway Part# 30302
Hobie Boat Cleaner Hobie (12oz) Part# 70050001
Hobie Split Ring 3/16In Part# 10860001
Hobie Bullseye Fairlead - No Screws Part# B323
Hobie Toggle Snap Shackle 2-3/4In Part# 20803
Hobie Keeper Pins 3/8 In Part# 20502
Hobie Clevis Pin Set H18 Part# 30304
Hobie Clevis Pin Set H17/20 Part# 30317
Hobie 1/4" 7-Hole Shroud Adjuster Part# 20830010
Hobie Wave/Getaway Chainplate Part# 39100011