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Dacron Main sail for the Hobie 16 includes all the same features and windows as the Class Sail. Fits your original battens.

Hobie Tiger Sail

These are made by Hobie!
The F-18 is a developmental Class and the Hobie sails conform to the F-18 rules.
The main is available in Smoke or White Mylar Scrim Laminate Cloth and is Fully Battened (Battens not included) It’s high aspect design is extremel
Hobie Wave Main Sail Part# 38991079

Hobie H16 Jib

Hobie H16 Jib Part# 20992090
Hobie Getaway boomless sail capable of being fully furled. These HQ dacron sails come in a variety of colors.
Hobie H18 Main Sail Part# 60991088
Hobie Bravo Main Sail Part# 90990022

Hobie H18 Jib

Hobie H18 Jib Part# 60992088
Hobie Sail H20 Jib White Part# 40992010
Hobie T2 Soft Spinnaker Part# F14530270
Hobie H14 Main Sail Part# 10991088
Hobie Sail H20 Main White Part# 792176223160

Hobie H14 Jib

Hobie H14 Jib Part# 10992511
Hobie H17 Jib Sail Part# 52992006
Hobie Getaway Jib Sail Part# 37992072