Hobie Tiger Sail

These are made by Hobie!
The F-18 is a developmental Class and the Hobie sails conform to the F-18 rules.
The main is available in Smoke or White Mylar Scrim Laminate Cloth and is Fully Battened (Battens not included) It’s high aspect design is extremel
Hobie Bravo Main Sail Part# 90990022
Hobie Getaway boomless sail capable of being fully furled. These HQ dacron sails come in a variety of colors.
Hobie Getaway Jib Sail Part# 37992072
Dacron Main sail for the Hobie 16 includes all the same features and windows as the Class Sail. Fits your original battens.

Hobie H16 Jib

Hobie H16 Jib Part# 20992090

Hobie H18 Jib

Hobie H18 Jib Part# 60992088
Hobie H14 Main Sail Part# 10991088
Hobie Sail H20 Main White Part# 792176223160
Hobie Sail H20 Jib White Part# 40992010
Hobie Wave Main Sail Part# 38991079
Hobie H18 Main Sail Part# 60991088

Hobie H14 Jib

Hobie H14 Jib Part# 10992511
Hobie T2 Soft Spinnaker Part# F14530270
Mariner Sailmakers Mariner H16 Jib W/ Windows Part#

Mariner H16 Jib

Mariner Sailmakers Mariner H16 Jib Part#
Hobie H17 Jib Sail Part# 52992006