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DVD Wet & Salty

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Action Windsurfing DVD Wet and Salty is radical, young, fresh and powerful Includes: - Profiles of the
best freestyle riders from around the world, with seperate chapters for each rider. This will give an
insight into the life of each of your favorite riders as well as unbelievable action and the newest moves.
- A compelete and up to date windsurfing trickbook. This section will demonstrate moves that will
inspire all windsurfers from beginner to pro and includes tips from the world´s top sailors. - A trip to all
3 2005 PWA World Cup Freestyle events leading to the crowning of the World Champion. You will
experience all of the excitement, drama and radical manouvers of the top sailors.
“The Video is cool. There are some sick moves on it and it is in a great quality!” 
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