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Standup Paddle Board Cargo Net with Clips - Cargo net with clips. 2" squares, 18" x 18"
DRUM, ECLIPSE DRIVE w/DECALMirage drive drum for Eclipse Mirage drive unit. Two requirded per board, sold individually.

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SPROCKET ASSEMBLY ECLIPSEFront or rear replacement sprocket for Eclipse Mirage drive. Two requirded per board, sold individually.

FLOW FIN ASSEMBLYFront or rear replacement fin for Eclipse Mirage drive, includes pin and ring. Two requirded per board, sold individually.
Yak-Attack Nitestripe Tape 1/4" Wide x 24' Long Part# NS025-24-O

Protect your Hobie Eclipse Board with this Rail Protection Kit. THis helps protect your rails from scrapes and scratches keeping your investment beautiful and shiny! A must have upgrade for your board!

72050001 - Part Nu

Arm which attaches to the mirage drive drum and sits beneath the pedals. Two requirded per board, sold individually.

For questions and support call 1-800-536-9463
SUP Skinny Ankle Cuff Coil Pro Wave Leash
CONTROL LINE, SUM w/KNOT COVERThe steering lines which run inside the board, connecting the steering wires to the rudder housing assembly.
MAST ASSEMBLY ECLIPSEReplacement threaded mast screws into the sprocket. Locktite should be applied before installation. Two requirded per board, sold individually.
CABLE ASSY, ECLIPSE DRIVEMain drive chain used for front or back sprocket of Eclipse Mirage drive unit, does not include locking nuts. Two required per board, sold individually.
Hobie Universal Mount / Eclipse Part# 72020503
Hobie Inflatable Sup Pump W/Gauge Part# P10572900


SUP Knee Cuff Leach 9MM - 10ft
Hobie Sup Leash 9Ft Part# 470155-10
Hobie Inflatable Sup Repair Kit Part# P10573300
The YakAttack Leash Plug Adapter attaches to stand up paddle board leash plugs and Includes the YakAttack Vertical Tie Downs. The Vertical Tie Downs make strapping down a cooler to your SUP a breeze. Designed to work with 1-1.5'' webbing. Straps not inclu
BUNGEE ASSY ECLIPSE RUDDER WELLBungee assembly used to attach rudder to board

SCREW 8-32 X 1/4 PHMS SSScrew which holds the Fairing to the Sprocket on Eclipse Mirage drives. Four required per board, sold individually.
THUMB SCREW RUDDER LOCKING ECLIPSEPlastic thumb screw which locks the rudder assembly in place if using as a stand up paddle board.
CASSETTE PLUG - ECLIPSEReplacement drive slot plug for all Eclipse models.
BOTE Cooler Kit - Keep your cooler securely attached to your board (compatible models only) and your paddle secure and within arms reach. The cooler tie down straps allow you to utilize a cooler while on the water without fear of it toppling overboard. Ea
Yak-Gear Stand Up Paddle Leash Part# PL60