Hobie Inflat Sup 7.5/3Pc Padl Shaft Part# P23074375-10
Hobie Inflat Sup 7.5/3Pc Padl Handle Part# P23074175-10
Surf Technicians Inc. (Surftech) Sup Paddle Venture Alu 6'6 Part#
Next Sport Sup Paddle Adj Part#
Yak-Attack ParkNPole, 6' Stakeout Pole Part# PNP6
Yak-Attack ParkNPole, 8' Stakeout / Push Pole Part# PNP8
PanFish Portrait™ Camera Pole. Compatible with MightMount and GearTrac™. The pivoting head can be positioned at any angle in the horizontal plane. This creates the perfect scenario for "hero" shots. 6" long.
Yak-Attack PanFish Portrait Camera Mount with Mighty Mount and Mounting Hardware, 1/4-20 Camera Ball Part# PFPM+MMH
Yak-Attack PanFish Portrait / Dog Bone Combo Pack. Can be used together or separate. Includes 2 1/4-20 camera ball, Base not included Part# PFPMDB
Hobie Cover - Eclipse Drive Part# 72050011
Surf Technicians Inc. (Surftech) Sup Paddle Venture Alu 6'2 Part#
The Chinook Alloy Kids adjsutable SUP paddle is just that, designed for kids with a smaller grip, shaft diameter, and blade. Built with all the technical features of the adult Alloy, but for kids.
Yak-Attack ParkNPole Link 46'' Extension Part# PNPL-XT46
Hobie Paddle Bag 3Xp Part# 486380-28
Hobie 2Pc Race Sup Pad-Grey Hobie Part# 475215-33
Aerotech Sails, Inc. Epic Kids Adj Paddle 57-73 Part#