The Balance stand-up paddle is the perfect exercise equipment for water lovers.
The Amp stand-up paddle has the beauty and hand-turned craftsmanship of a wood blade and grip coupled with an all-carbon shaft, so this paddle is lightweight, durable, and beautiful to boot. The blade tip is fully protected by our Rockgard® edge protectio
The waves are calling. Answer them with the Werner Carve stand up paddle.
Werner Paddles Grand Prix 86 Carbon Part# GP86C1 C95
Hobie Paddle Al Stretch 66In - 84In Part# 23216084-28
Chinook Paddle Sup 50% Shaft Fg Bl Part# CS SUPP30
Hobie Paddle Handle 7.5 Adj W/Top Part# P23025275-10
Surf Technicians Inc. (Surftech) Sup Paddle Venture Alu 6'6 Part#
Sup Railsaver Board/Paddle - Naish SUP rail tape protects you board from your paddle.
Naish Kaholo 8.5 Vario SUP Paddle - The Kaholo is a full carbon, mega-lightweight paddle that uses 100% pre-preg carbon and is ideal for committed paddlers that enjoy performance racing, wave riding and touring versatility. The blade is constructed using
Aerotech Sails, Inc. Epic Edge Composite Adj Sml Bl Part#
Werner Paddles Paddle Nitro Sup Std Uncut Cf Part#
Werner Paddles Paddle Fiji Sup 3Pc 80-87.5In Part#
Werner Paddles Paddle Fiji Sup 2Pc Std74-81.5 Part#
Werner’s Grand Prix series is designed and manufactured specifically for racing. These paddles sport Werner’s most advanced blade design, providing a buoyant paddle blade with a smooth back face offering powerful forward strokes and effortless maneuvering
The Freedom paddle has a cool Polynesian look along with an ocean-blue color that complements most boards. Its blade is made of Aqua-Bound’s strong epX engineered polymer – no whimpy, whippy blade here. With an aggressive dihedral down its spine, the blad
For the ultimate in light weight and fresh, eye-popping colors, you owe it to yourself to take a look at the Malta Fiberglass paddles.
The Malta Carbon paddle is a top-of-the-line SUP choice for performance paddlers who know the difference a great paddle can make.
Werner Paddles Grand Prix 100 Carbon Part# GP00C1 C95
Werner Paddles Bandit Carbon Straight Standard Part# BA C1 C61
Werner Paddles Paddle Advntg Sup 2Pc 78In Part#
Werner Paddles Paddle Advntg Sup Std Uncut Part#