Surf Technicians Inc. (Surftech) Sup Paddle Venture Alu 6'2 Part#
Pacific Boardsports Paddle Glass/Comp Sup Part#
Pacific Boardsports Paddle Carbon Race S.U.P. Part#
This paddle offers a shorter overall length, a smaller blade and a much lighter weight than our regular aluminum adj. The new paddle is ideal for those under 150lbs and under 5'6" tall. Paddle weighs 29.63 oz. Kids have a great time on the sup.....if thei
Werner Paddles Paddle Nitro Sup 2Pcadj74Incf Part#
Werner Paddles Paddle Fiji Sup 3Pc 74-81.5In Part#
Werner Paddles Paddle Fiji Sup 2Pc Std70-77.5 Part#
The Lyric’s blade is made of epX engineered polymer, a proprietary technology from Aqua-Bound, which produces enhanced blade stiffness and strength, while providing a smooth pull through the water. The aggressive dihedral shape of the blade down its spine
The Chinook Alloy Kids adjsutable SUP paddle is just that, designed for kids with a smaller grip, shaft diameter, and blade. Built with all the technical features of the adult Alloy, but for kids.
Werner Paddles Paddle Soul Adj Bl 74-81.5Incf Part#
Werner Paddles Paddle Nitro Sup Cf 3Pcadj78In Part#
Werner Paddles Paddle Fiji Sup 2Pc Std60-67.5 Part#
The Freedom 85 paddle has a cool Polynesian look along with an ocean-blue color that complements most boards. Its blade is made of Aqua-Bound’s strong epX engineered polymer – no whimpy, whippy blade here. With an aggressive dihedral down its spine, the b
Its epX engineered polymer blade has enhanced stiffness and strength thanks to its carbon-fiber reinforcement. The Challenge 85 has a lightweight, all-carbon shaft with a 10° bend to provide low swing weight and a slight shaft flex for very comfortable pe