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2017 Enduro 2 Tiki Tech Hybrid Carbon Paddle
The Enduro is well-balanced all round blade design with a medium dihedral providing great stability and good power. The Low aspect design makes it easy to lift out of the water with each stroke and it is also great to lean on while wave riding.
Lightweight 100% carbon fiber SUP paddle designed exclusively for racing
Werner Paddles Paddle Spanker 2Pc Adj 78Incf Part#
The "SILVER" is identical to the "JACK" except for materials used. The great value of the "SILVER" model is accomplished by using 25% fiberglass in place of some carbon. This is still Chinook's most innovative design featuring an oval shaft creating natur
The well balanced all round blade received the new double concave that helped make the bolt such a great paddle.
The Enduro is more direct in the water: the first catch feels incredibly precise and powerful.
Increased cadence due to a smoother waterflow
The Bic Sport SUP Paddle Original AP delivers maximum performance at an unbeatable price. The AP stands for Aluminum shaft / Polycarbonate blade. Bic's most popular blade, the Original AP is extremely smooth and responsive and the perfect size for all-aro
The waves are calling. Answer them with the Werner Carve stand up paddle.
Chinook Paddle Sup Oval Carbon 100% Fx Part# CS SUPP80
Hobie Explorer Stretch 7.5 Adj Sup Paddle Part# 23015075-10
The Hobie Explorer FX 7.5 SUP Paddle is a great all around recreational paddle. With an ergonomically designed handle and tapered oval shaft, this paddle provides maximum comfort, a lightweight feel, and great control.
Werner Paddles Paddle Advntg Sup 2Pc 78In Part#
Combining excellent performance at an introductory price, the 3-piece Werner Fiji Adjustable Stand Up Paddle gets the whole family out on the water with a smile, and offers compact storage for travel.
The Freedom paddle has a cool Polynesian look along with an ocean-blue color that complements most boards. Its blade is made of Aqua-Bound’s strong epX engineered polymer – no whimpy, whippy blade here. With an aggressive dihedral down its spine, the blad
Chinook Paddle Sup 50% Shaft Fg Bl Part# CS SUPP30
Hobie Paddle Blk Inflatable Sup Exp Part# P23074075-10 This is the replacement SUP paddle for Hobie inflatable SUP's. The epoxy/fiberglass shaft is light, and the plastic blade is durable. This is a great all-rounder SUP paddle.
Hobie Paddle Handle 7.5 Adj W/Top Part# P23025275-10
The Hobie Carbon Hybrid Paddle 7.8 provides maximum strength and performance for racing and surfing. Made with a tapered oval shaft and ergonomically designed handle, this paddle is top notch in comfort and control. It also features a dihedral blade with
This paddle offers a shorter overall length, a smaller blade and a much lighter weight than our regular aluminum adj. The new paddle is ideal for those under 150lbs and under 5'6" tall. Paddle weighs 29.63 oz. Kids have a great time on the sup.....if thei
Werner Paddles Paddle Soul Adj Bl 74-81.5Incf Part#
Head out with the Werner Nitro stand up paddle in your hands and a grin on your face.
Chinook Blue Hybrid combines a lively carbon shaft with a durable fiberglass blade and extremely smooth paddling characteristics
Carbon shaft provides strength, stiffness, and consistent flex
Fiberglass blade is solid and very durable. Great for situation
Werner Paddles Grand Prix 93 Carbon Part# GP93C1 C95