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SUP Parts & Accessories

Standup Paddle Board Cargo Net with Clips - Cargo net with clips. 2" squares, 18" x 18"
Hobie Inflatable Sup Repair Kit Part# P10573300
Yak-Attack Dog Bone extension, 11" lg extension for Mighty Mount or GearTrac compatible accessories Part# DBMM11
DRUM, ECLIPSE DRIVE w/DECALMirage drive drum for Eclipse Mirage drive unit. Two requirded per board, sold individually.

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Hobie Fin - Hobie Inflatable Center Part# P10572700
Update your original Hobie Eclipse with this new Bow handle kit. This is the same as new model stock handles, but can be installed on the original release boards

Protect your Hobie Eclipse Board with this Rail Protection Kit. THis helps protect your rails from scrapes and scratches keeping your investment beautiful and shiny! A must have upgrade for your board!

72050001 - Part Nu
2018 Hobie Mirage Eclipse Nose-Rail Guard Kit installs simply and securely to all Epoxy Mirage Eclipse boards. It fits both the 10.5 foot and the 12.0 foot to prevent dings, dents and scratches on your board.

Part Number- 72050013
- Up to 8 yoga boards

- Bring your next yoga class; to the water and share the Serenity of your surroundings. Connect your board to the 8 person yoga dock that is large enough for the instructor to stand in the middle to demonstrate the next Asana pose
Hobie Universal Mount / Eclipse Part# 72020503
Hobie Sup Leash Coil 10Ft Part# 470145-10
SUP Skinny Ankle Cuff Coil Pro Wave Leash
BOARD COVER - ECLIPSE 12.0Protect your investment from the elements, insects and daily life with this perfectly fitting heavy duty padded travel bag. Has space to stow the handlebars, a strap to secure the Mirage Drive and slots
BOTE Cooler Kit - Keep your cooler securely attached to your board (compatible models only) and your paddle secure and within arms reach. The cooler tie down straps allow you to utilize a cooler while on the water without fear of it toppling overboard. Ea
Hobie Inflatable Sup Pump W/Gauge Part# P10572900
Hobie Sup Protection Kit Part# 478285-01

Hobie SUP Bag

Hobie SUP Bag Part# 460334-22
Hobie Inflatable Sup Replacement Valve Part# P10573100
Hobie Pump Hose Sup Pump Part# P10573000
Hobie Inflatable Sup Keeper Pin For Part# P10572800
BOTE Travelink Sling - Featuring durable swivel clips, the Travelink™ Sling clicks right into the latch points allowing you to lift and carry the board hands free with ease.