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SUP Parts & Accessories

Protect your investment with the SUP Paddle Bag. This adjustable bag accommodates two SUP paddles from 72-to-86 inches long. Allover 1/4-inch foam provides protective padding with the added protection of 600D polyester construction. The Dakine SUP Paddle
Dakine, Inc Sup Leash 10'5/16" Calf Dakine Part# 6675-198
Hobie Inflat Sup 7.5/3Pc Padl Clips Part# P23074975-00
Hobie Inflat Sup 7.5/3Pc Padl Shaft Part# P23074375-10
Hobie Pump Gauge Sup Pump Part# P10573200
Yak-Attack SUP Leash Plug Adapter with 1'' Screwball Part# LPA-1002
Hobie Paddle Bag 3Xp Part# 486380-28
Hobie Fin Atrii Center Fin 9 Inch Part# 467115-10
Hobie 2Pc Race Sup Pad-Grey Hobie Part# 475215-33
Hobie Fins Phase 3 Race 9.25In Sup Part# 467118-22
Hobie Fins Hobie 6In Sup Part# 467108-10

Hobie SUP Bag

Hobie SUP Bag Part# 460334-22
Hobie Blade Guard Part# 792176119609
Hobie Blade Guard - Sup Paddle Part# 478260-00
Sailing Angles SUP Ankle Cuff Leash 9mm - 10 Ft Part# 2000140001060
SUP Skinny Ankle Cuff Coil Pro Wave Leash
Hobie Fin Plate W/Screw - Sup Part# P46710575-00
Hobie Inflat Sup 7.5/3Pc Padl Handle Part# P23074175-10
Hobie Inflatable Sup Replacement Valve Part# P10573100
Hobie Inflatable Sup Pump W/Gauge Part# P10572900
Hobie Inflatable Sup Back Pack Part# P10572500

Board Bag

Smooth Sup Smooth Board Bag Part#
The Mirage Eclipse experience just got even better! Now you can take your essentials along with you by packing them away in this convenient Eclipse Accessory Bag. Eclipse Accessory Bag Features:

3 easy Velcro straps for attachment to the Eclipse hand