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SUP Parts & Accessories

Board Bag

Smooth Sup Smooth Board Bag Part#
Yak-Attack Leash Plug Adapter Starter Kit with Base Part# LPA-1001
Yak-Attack Dog Bone extension, 11" lg extension for Mighty Mount or GearTrac compatible accessories Part# DBMM11
Hobie Plug-In Kayak Cart - for i9s, i12s and i14t.Features the same wheels as the Standard plug in cart, but with a narrower frame to fit the I-series yaks.WARNING!! Kayak carts must be Fully Inse
Hobie Cover - Eclipse Drive Part# 72050011
Hobie Sup Stomp Pad Hobie Part# 476225-33
Hobie Sup Leash 10Ft Part# 470165-10
Hobie Inflat Sup 7.5/3Pc Padl Handle Part# P23074175-10
Hobie Inflatable Sup Keeper Pin For Part# P10572800
BOARD COVER - ECLIPSE 12.0Protect your investment from the elements, insects and daily life with this perfectly fitting heavy duty padded travel bag. Has space to stow the handlebars, a strap to secure the Mirage Drive and slots