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Products tagged with 29Mm

The compact 29 mm Carbo is extremely strong. Use Harken's miniature Carbo as a mainsheet block on small dinghies such as the Optimist, or for low-friction control blocks on any size boat.
Harken Block 29mm Carbo Cheek Block Part# 97653104254
Harken Block 29mm Carbo With Swivel & Shackle Part# HAR 340
Harken Block 29mm Carbo Triple With Cleat & Becket Part# 97653100522
Harken 29 mm Cheek Block - Low-friction Carbo Air blocks are lightweight, strong, reliable—and affordable. Companions to the popular Harken Black Magic block line, these small, compact blocks have very high working loads for safe, easy trimming.
Harken Block 29mm Carbo Triple Part# 97653100393
Hobie Block 29mm Carbo Triple With Cleat Part# H347
Harken Block 29mm Carbo Single Part# 97653100553
Hobie Block 29mm Carbo Triple Swivel Part# H344
Harken Block 29mm Carbo Double Part# 97653100270