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Products tagged with (Pair)

Mariner Sails Rack Pad (Pair) Part# RP42RS-F
Hobie Rack Pad (Pair) Part# 72045
Hobie Rudder Cover (Pair) Part# 82420000
Yakima JetStream (Pair) Part# 8000430
NuCanoe - Gun/Bow Mounts (Pair)

NuCanoe Gun & Bow Mounts attach to the Frontier Freedom Track. 


Hobie Jib Clew Plate Pair W/ Rivets Part# 22240000
Hobie Rudder Cam Sister Screws Pair (All Except H14/16) Part# 5203
Harmony Padded Foot Brace Pedals (Pair) Part# 8023041
Hobie Trapeze Rig Adj. Pair w/o Part# 1203
Hobie Jib Cars H16 Pair Trentec Part# 1552
Yak-Attack Stealth Pulley, Pair with Hardware Part# AMS-1011
Yakima CoreBar (Pair) Part# 8000424
Hobie H14T Trap Wires (Pair) Part# 1476B
Hobie Trapeze Wire H20 Pair Part# 40504501
Hobie Rudder Cam Sister Screw H14/16 (Pair) Part# 5201
Bending Branches Kayak Paddle Drip Rings help keep your hands and seating area dry by stopping water from dribbling down your paddles. These rings come with two in a pack, one for each end of the paddle, and are compatible with most standard kayak paddles
Sea-Dog Hammock Hook (Pair) Part# 35514671019
Hobie Rudder Pin H14/16 Fiberglass Pair Part# 5051
Hobie Trap Wires Getaway (Pair) Part# 1478B
Murrays Marine Rudder Pins, Prindle 16 Pair Part# 1230138
Hobie H20 Trapeze Shock Cord Forward (Pair) Part#
Hobie H16/17 Trap Wires (Pair) Part# 1472B