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Trailer Cradles for the new Outback and Compass/Compass Duo are now available for orders. Hobie® trailer cradles are perfect for those wanting to transport their kayak upright, rigged and ready to go. The cradles disperse weight evenly over a wide area, p
Hobie MD180 Shifter Set Left (Forward) V2 Part# 81486021
Replacement "Never-Go-Flat" Rover tires. Sold in sets of two. For 20mm hubs only. Fits Malone MPG502 and MPG504 carts. Part# MPG500
Hobie Cradle Set Tandem Island Part# 72020402
Hobie Bearing Set (2 Cylinders) Part# 61852000
Hobie H16 Tramp Set Part# 20970000
Hobie Cradle Set AI Part# 72020400
Hobie Universal Hobie Kayak Pad Set Part# 38653300
Hobie MD180 Shifter Set Right (Reverse) V2 Part# 81491021
Easily install your Hobie® style carriers to any Malone trailer with this unique custom installation hardware. Fits all HobieR carriers. Sold in set of 6. Lifetime Warranty.
Hobie Cradle Set Pro Angler Part# 72020401
Hobie Hiking Strap Set H20 W/Hdwr Part# 40970001
Hobie Set Screw Mirage Drive Part# 53170020
Hobie Electrical Connector Set Fish Finder Part# 72021027
Hobie Wave Club Trampoline Set Part# 39970055
Hobie Outback Cradle Set Part# 72020407
NuCanoe Scupper Plug Set Part# 7075
Hobie Cradles Stacking Wave Set 4 Part# 38870001
Hobie Telo Cat Collar Set Screw Part# 374
Hobie Mast Cradle Wave Set Fore/Aft Part# 38650041
Hobie Wing Tramp Set H18/21 Blk Msh Part# 68040255
Hobie Wing Set Getaway (No Cover) Part# 37001000
Hobie Clevis Pin Set H14/16 Part# 30303
Hobie Wing Tramp Set Turq Mesh Part# 37971058