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Torqeedo, Inc. Torqeedo Ultralight 403 Kit

Torqeedo, Inc.
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Torqeedo - Ultralight 403 Kayak and Light Boat Motor

The ultimate tool for kayak fishermen or any paddler who wants some extra power to charge through current, wind or fatigue.

Sold as a complete package, the system includes a throttle/gear shift, “kick up” mount, ultra-quiet, efficient motor and a GPS housed with the 29.6V, 11Ah lithium-manganese battery. With a data feed from the GPS, the throttle/gear shift includes a digital display for battery state of charge, remaining range, speed and current input power.

Capable of powering a kayak or other light boat for up to 10 hours at 2 1/2mph, this motor works great for trolling or holding a position in windy conditions. It is also a great choice for ocean kayakers who want a reserve motor for safety reasons—or for family kayakers who like to paddle, but who also appreciate convenience.


  • Works with kayaks and light boats
  • Maximum speed up to 6mph (depending on boat)
  • Range of up to 24 miles at low speed (depending on boat)
  • Completely waterproof (IP 67)
  • Precise GPS-based calculation of remaining range
  • Solar rechargeable, including during voyage
  • Emergency magnetic stop key to stop the motor
  • Display on throttle provides remaining range, speed over ground and input power
  • High-performance lithium battery with integrated GPS
  • Mounting ball is easily attached to the kayak
  • Maximum efficiency propulsion for premium performance and range
  • Optimized propeller design
  • Steering, tilting and auto-kick-up
  • Extended navigation functions with TorqTrac smartphone app (sold separately)
  • Two year manufacturer warranty


  • Input Power:  400W
  • Voltage: 29.6V
  • Output Power: 180W (1hp equivalent propulsive power; 2hp equivalent thrust)
  • Shaft Length: 17 11/16”
  • Remote Control: Yes, remote throttle
  • Battery Type: Internal
  • Integrated Battery: 320 Watt hour lithium-manganese
  • Max. Propeller Speed: 1,200RPM
  • Steering Type: Provision to connect to kayak rudder; lockable
  • Gearing: F-R continuously variable
  • Weight: 16.1lb. total; motor 9.7lb.; battery 6.4lb.

Battery Run Time

  Speed (mph) Range (nm/m) Run Time (hrs)
Slow Speed 2.6 21.9 8:20
Half Throttle 3.7 15.5 4:10
Full Throttle 5.8 9.3 0:48


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