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Hobie Rack Pad (Pair) Part# 72045
Mariner Sails Rack Pad (Pair) Part# RP42RS-F
Chinook Wrap Tie Down Straps - 12 ftChinook Wrap Straps, with padded buckles, these are the best for keeping your gear secure while traveling. 12 foot. Priced per pair.
Hobie Rigging Knife Part# 1550
Thule Inc Track Nuts Part#
Double your towing capacity with the Class II, 2" MPG544 Double Hitch Receiver. Allows the towing of a Malone Trailer, and, installation of a hitch mounted bike rack at the same time. Five Year Warranty.
Provides a convenient handle for lifting and carrying standup paddle Boards. Part# MPG358
Create your own bike carrier with these simple and versatile block mounts. Installs on any flat surface and secures the bike's fork for a confident transport.
The 14" Foam Kayak Block can be purchased as a single replacement, or, in multiples for the "do it yourself" paddler that is creating their own set-up. Sold in singles. Fits most aluminum extrusion truck racks. Note: Safe kayak transport requires two bloc

This locking hitch pin is used with all Malone receiver style hitch carriers accept the most economical MPG2130. It is threaded to provide anti-wobble to the carrier and locking capacity at the hitch. Can be used with or without the locking head. Includes
Hobie Magica Rust Remover Gel (8oZ) Part# 1603
Wire piercing type circuit tester features current sensitivity from 6 to 24 volts only. Detachable ground wire with alligator clip. 12V DC.
Hobie Tie Down Straps Hobie- 15 Foot Part# 72043001
Hobie Silicone Spray (7oz) Part# 5107
Hobie Rack Pad 36In Sup Part# 485420-10
Hobie Light Hobie Hydrostar S.O.S. Part# 72020003
MPG8287 T-slot Mounting Kit replaces the standard MPG300 series mounting kits that contain Jawz, T-knobs and M8 mounting bolts. The MPG8287 utilizes the T-slot in most aftermarket aluminum truck racks with top side T-slots.
Malone Rack Systems 80mm Bolt Set (4 Pack) Part# MPG364
Replacement "Never-Go-Flat" tires. Sold in sets of two. For 20mm hubs only. Fits Malone MPG502, MPG503, MPG504 and MPG510 carts.