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Transportation / Trailers

Trailex Pro Angler 17T (PA 17) Trailer Part# 38652202
Trailex Adventure Island / Pro Angler Trailer Part# 38652000
Trailex Double Double Trailer Part# 38652201
Hobie Tandem Island Trailer SUT-350-AIT Part# 38652001
Trailex Bravo/Wave Trailer Part# 38651000
Hobie Getaway/H-16/Tiger Trailer Part# 38653000
McClain Trailers 16-12 HC 1100# Capacity Trailer Part# 16-12 HC
Trailex Double Trailer Part# 38652200
Designed specifically for the larger boats like the Hobie 21. Standard with front and rear pivoting rolls and alignment guides. Satin anodized finish, bolted and fully adjustable for the perfect fit. 60 front mast stand with bow stop, winch and rubber v