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Trident Sports Board Kode 123 Technora

Trident Sports
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Starboard Kode Freemove 123 Technora 2013

Wave, Freestyle Wave or Freemove, 

what's your style?  Starboard's wave freestyle boards.

The Kode Freemoves are maneuverable, aggressive freeriders available in 113 and 123 liter

Their new 2013 shapes have faster rails that come from the Flares. These new rails have less tuck under for harder edges: you get more acceleration and quicker planing. With reduced volume above the apex, they bite hard and feel very aggressive, giving the rider a very sharp, precise and exciting sensation when maneuvering the board.

The volume behind the back foot has also been increased following the influence of the Flares: this gives the board more float when accelerating on to the plane and coming out of jibes. Both models have been shortened down to make them yet more maneuverable, more responsive and feel lighter. New 5mm sponge pads for perfect comfort and slightly longer cut-aways for extra speed complete the upgrade.

Kode Freemove

The new Kode Freemove, the aggressive and maneuverable freeriders that love to carve hard, catch air and surf the swell.


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