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Velocitek Shift

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Velocitek Shift

Stay in phase and make the most of the condition you face on the race course. The Velocitek Shift was specifically designed for intuitive wind shift tracking and features a large numbers with bold arrows that make it easy to see if you are headed or lifted. The Shift also features large compass digits so you can easily see the display from far away and its reflective LCD screen is easy to read in bright sun, even when wearing polarized sunglasses. The 9-axis solid state sensor tracks the orientation of the boat in 3 dimensions making it a smooth and instantly responsive compass you can trust. Features the same countdown timer as the Velocitek ProStart. When you hear or see any type of start signal just hit the GUN button. If the timer isn't running, it will start. If the timer is running, it will sync. The Shift does not use GPS technology and can be configured to comply with the rules of any class that allows electronic compasses and comes with a static cling Legalizer Label for use in even the most conservative one design classes. Comes with mounting cradle.

  • Compass: 9-axis solid state sensor to track orientation of boat in 3 dimensions
  • Lift-Header Indicator:Big numbers and bold arrows to see how much you're headed or lifted while massive buttons allow you to instantly store port and starboard reference angles
  • Backlight: Red LED backlight that won't ruin your night vision
  • Battery: Solar powered with 100+ hour battery reserve.

Attachment accessory options sold seperately include: Standoffs for mounting directly on the bulkhead and two different bracket configurations such as an offset or low profile design.

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