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Velocitek Speedpuck - Velocitek

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Velocitek SpeedPuck

With the Velocitek SpeedPuck you can improve your sailing game by enabling you to quickly quantify even the most subtle effects of boat trim, sail trim, wind shifts and current in real time. It combines a high-accuracy GPS speedometer, compass and bar graph wind shift indicator all in one compact, durable, waterproof package.

The SpeedPuck is designed for long-term reliability in a saltwater marine environment. The case back screws on and off like the lid of a leak-proof water bottle to reveal the battery compartment. In addition to this, the battery compartment is completely sealed off from the rest of the device's electronics, providing a second layer of protection against moisture.

Hate reading manuals? The SpeedPuck is specifically designed so that almost anyone can figure out how it works in a few short minutes without having to succumb to the defeat of picking up the manual.

Display Modes:

  • Compass: Displays heading and course over ground; Updated twice a second
  • Speedometer: Displays current speed and is updated twice a second
  • Maximum Speed: Displays maximum speed attained since the device was turned on.
  • Bar Graph Lift / Header Indicator: Automatically locks on to your tack angle, Bar graph shows lifts and headers in three degree increments; Automatically resets when you tack or jibe

Additional Features:

  • Compact, low-profile design
  • Waterproof to 3m
  • 20+ hours of battery life and GPS data storage

Attachment Options: The SpeedPuck mounting cradle is included and comes with a lanyard to hang around your neck for inat hand in information. However, if you'd like to mount the SpeedPuck to a flat surface, use APS’s Dual Lock Rectangle for Velocitek GPS Units

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