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YakGear Compass Waterproof Bucket for Hatch – 6 Inch

Are you looking to gain inside access and waterproof interior storage space inside your kayak? The Waterproof Bucket, originally made for Viking Kayaks, is compatible with any kayak to keep your gear dry! As a different form of storage from the traditional cat bag that may allow water to seep in or and rub against the inside of your kayak, the Waterproof Bucket Hatch is suspended off of the Hatch Ring and Gasket (sold separately) to keep the hatch elevated off of the bottom of the kayak. The circumference of the bucket hatch is 6 inches and the depth is 4.5 inches.

The Waterproof Bucket Hatch is the best way to keep your personal items high and dry regardless of whether you are paddling a Viking Kayak or not!

Note – The waterproof nature of the hatch is pending an appropriate installation and proper usage. Any installation problems or improper usage may allow water into the bucket portion of the hatch. Knowing this, it is always recommended to use a waterproof cover on cell phones and other valuables.


  • Compatible with any kayak, however originally manufactured for Viking Kayaks.
  • Bucket Hatch Circumference – 6 Inches
  • Bucket Hatch Depth – 4.5 Inches
  • Installed with and suspended off of the hatch ring and gasket (sold separately).
  • Waterproof nature of the hatch is pending an appropriate installation and proper usage.

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