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Viking Kayaks (Prior Year Model) ProFish Reload with Kid Pod & 4 Flush Mount Rod Holders

Viking Kayaks
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There is a new kid on the block & she is fast! Whether you’re paddling for pleasure or you’ve got fish on your mind, paddle the Reload and learn why many are calling it the best paddling sit-on-top on the market.

The Profish Reload is a performance kayak specializing in kayak fishing with its numerous features and additional accessories for managing tackle and gear, improving comfort, and maintaining speed. The design of the Profish Reload bow provides unmatched levels of lift – styled off of the typical New Zealand paddling kayak design – which allows the 14’8” 68 pound kayak to consistently perform well in both tough offshore and inshore conditions.

Profish Reload Features

  • Color Options for 2017 – Gray, Red, Seafoam.
  • Flat Deck – The Flat Deck adds one hatch and additional flat deck space to the standard Tackle Pod modular fitting. The Tackle Pod and Flat Deck are interchangeable for different uses at different times depending on the type of paddling/fishing you are planning.
  • All kayaks are shipped ‘rudder ready’ which dramatically simplifies rudder installation.
  • The stock accessories included are one front hatch, three waterproof hatches, two flush mount rod holders, two bungee paddle keepers, three carry handles, two molded side handles, brass inserts for hole-free anchor trolley installation, and attachment point pad eyes.
  • Three waterproof hatches can be used as dry storage, turned into a bucket hatch with bucket hatch optional upgrade, or utilized as a bait well for live bait using the hatch drain plugs.
  • Twin Tackle Pod – Optional Upgrade: The new Twin Tackle Pod combines a live bait tank at one end and a dry tackle storage compartment at the other end of the standard Tackle Pod design for hybrid use – bait well and gear storage – of the Tackle Pod space.
  • The Reload/GT Tackle Pod™ – Optional Upgrade: offers the ease and speed of ‘Load and Go’ functionality while also fully compatible with Fish Finders and mounted accessories. Note – The Reload Tackle Pod™ and the 400 Tackle Pod™ are two different sizes and not compatible between the two models.
  • Chill Pod – Optional Upgrade: The Chill Pod is a fully-insulated, bread-bin-style cooler that fits modularly into the tankwell of the Reload and serves to hold and chill your catch, or food and drinks while still on the water.
  • Rudder Kit – Optional Upgrade: Now with ‘toe-tab’ foot controls for superior control, the ‘angler blade’ works in any depth of water due its flush position at the keel of the kayak. No more worrying about that pesky up/down line in the shallows, and if you’re fishing the saltwater flats, you’ll no longer have to worry about your rudder banging into oyster shells or rocks.
  • Fish Bag – Optional Upgrade: A fully insulated fish bag mounted inside the tankwell keeps your catch cool and in great eating condition. The Reload comes stock with brass inserts for hole-free installation of fish bag mounts.
  • Superior seated stability provides you with the confidence to target big fish.
  • Large recessed side handles make lifting and loading the Reload so much easier.
  • The nicely flared bow diverts water in choppy conditions.
  • The ‘rod slots’ along the bow allow you to securely lay down your fishing rods – ideal when coming and going through surf.


  • Length: 14 ft 9 in / 4.5 m
  • Width: 30 in / 76.2 cm
  • Weight: 64 lb / 29.03 kg
  • Capacity: 440 lb / 199.58 kg
  • Leg Room To Peg: 49
  • Leg Room - Total: 51
  • Number of Paddlers: 1 - Single/Solo
  • Type of Kayak: Sit on Top
  • Hatches: 5
  • Material: Polyethylene