Wilderness Systems (DEMO) 2015 ATAK (A.T.A.K.) Lime 140

Wilderness Systems
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The new Wilderness Systems ATAK – Advanced Tactical Angling Kayak – is fully equipped and in position to take the kayak angling world by storm. Featuring an open design that can be customized to meet the demands of any angler and environment. The deck is highly walkable and stable, yet remains nimble and stealth. The low-profile, wind-shedding hull will keep you on the water longer, and endless storage opportunities are intelligently located throughout. The AirPro MAX seat shows up in a big way, now with extended travel along much of the length of the craft. Top it off with the FlexPod OS electronics console and the fish don’t stand a chance.



  • Covered front hatch
  • Removable electronics pod 
  • The Air Pro Max seat 
  • Tracks for gear all along the hull have become a Wilderness staple.
  • New additions like the rear access hatch for rod storage 
  • Modified center console 
  • Flattened out deck with a non-skid padding and slight hull modifications makes standing to fish a breeze.
  • Wide flat standing area that allows the ability to travel up and down the deck. 
  • Designed to catch less wind, 
  • The ATAK should be easier to stay where you want, 
  • Paddle easier in a cross wind  
  • Produce less drag on those windy days


  • Length: 14′ 1″ / 430 cm
  • Width: 34″ / 86 cm
  • Weight: 86 lbs / 39 kg
  • Deck Height: 15.5″ / 39 cm
  • Capacity: 550 lbs / 249 kg
  • Optional rudder for the A.T.A.K. costs $249.