- Epoxy and Fiberglass make a strong economical mast. - Chinook Epoxy Fiberglass SDM masts fill the void left by the carbon craze. - Windsurfing doesn't have to be expensive to be fun! - 2-Piece Constant Curve - SDM- Standard Diameter - Bags sold separate
The Dakine Impact Vest Harness offers the support and comfort of a waist harness, and the protection of a flexible padded impact vest. The Dakine Impact Vest Harness has a massive amount of flexible shaping panels that make this the most comfortable impac
Chinook 40% Carbon Mast Standard Diameter Part# MC40490
Kids Epoxy Fiberglass Reduced Diameter Mast
Chinook Competition Slalom BoomMade from super strong 6070 marine alloy, reduced diameter (1 1/8") grip. All Competition booms feature a 24”/61cm continuous aluminum tail-piece, semi-articulating boom head, external locking collar system, incremental adju
Weed Burner G-10 45 Degree Fin
Maclean (Quality Composites, Inc.) Boom Head Hpl Strap On Part#
Finworks Weed 17.5 Inch Tuttle Box - This fin will give you great racing speed through weeds, grass, and small debris which would cause spin-out on most other fin types!
The new Sport Boom is well designed to provide a large adjustment range, ease of use and great features. New diecut boom grip provides a high end quality grip that delivers great comfort on your hands. The adjustment range is the larges in it boom class. 
Gorge Sport U.S.A. Curtis Slalom 11.8"4.8-5.8Trim Part#
The Dakine XT Seat windsurf harness is a fully built-out go-to seat harness. This substantial seat harness features a pre-curved inner support structure with featherweight ES foam molded lumbar pad offering plenty of back support and performance. The XT S
Finworks Wing 36Cm Tuttle Box
Finworks Waveblade 10.75" Fin - E Box- The Finworks waveblade provides gentle maneuverability or white-knuckle carving.
Finworks Waveblade 12.5" Fin -Tuttle Box - The Finworks waveblade provides gentle maneuverability or white-knuckle carving.
Fin Works Waveblade 9.75" E Finworks Part# WB 248 E-BASE
Finworks Wing 40Cm Power Box
Finworks Free-Slalom 14" – Power Box - The finworks Free-Slalom provides a versatile, fast ride without sacrificing too much maneuverability Great for all around free-riding.