Standup Paddle Board Cargo Net with Clips - Cargo net with clips. 2" squares, 18" x 18"
Dakine, Inc Footstrap Proform Adjustable Part# 4300-300
Chinook 10 inch Fin Box - A box.
Dakine, Inc Twist Control System Part# 4300-405
Footstrap Washer with TeethAn oval stainless steel washer with teeth to keep your footstrap from twisting during hard sailing.Priced each.
The all new X-Lace Wave footstrap offers on the fly, micro adjustability. The pull tab adjustment system works equally well on the water, or on land. The lace tensioning system along with molded dual density foam creates the most comfortable footstrap Dak
Dakine, Inc Footstrap Supremo Part# 4300-105
Chinook 10 inc Vented Mast Box - with plastic slotted vent screw.
Chinook Tuttle Fin Box - standard depth
Boom Collar Set 2-Pin for Pro 1 or RDG Booms
Chinook Line Chinook Bulk Harness Part# CS HLINE
Monofilm Sail Repair Tape - 4 x 120 inches.If you need more than that, find yourself a loft… Or a new sail!
Chinook Adjustable Harness LinesModified one knot low profile design plus heavy-duty line and tubing makes this another simple but effective design. One size fits all.
Chinook Slider, Brass T Nut (8Mm) Part# 90
Dakine, Inc Mast Pad Hd Part# 4200-300-24
Waterstarter - boom tail float.Makes learning to waterstart very easy. Benefits people who are learning to waterstart, and sailors who still don't make every waterstart consistently. Great for getting larger sails out of the water and positioned for water
The roller helps reduce harness line wear and easier sail trimming.
Chinook Lashlock Tie Down Lock Sys Part# 540
Chinook In-Flight Adjustable Harness LinesA simple but effective design for sailors requiring on the move adjustments. Heavy duty ladder-lock, line and tubing. Pre-adjustable with one side tie off.
Chinook 1-hole Footstrap Insert - Self tapping.