Chinook 10 inch Fin Box - A box.
This package contains material and instructions for replacing Fiberspar carbon windsurfing boom twist locks.
Standup Paddle Board Cargo Net with Clips - Cargo net with clips. 2" squares, 18" x 18"
Gul Power Strapped 5mm Wetsuit Boots - The Gul Power Strapped 5mm Wetsuit Boots have a super grippy sole and are a good balance between warmth and flexibility. Designed using 5mm Dura-Flex neoprene and Titanium 2 lining, the Gul Power Boot is super warm
Monofilm Sail Repair Tape - 4 x 120 inches.If you need more than that, find yourself a loft… Or a new sail!
Footstrap Washer with TeethAn oval stainless steel washer with teeth to keep your footstrap from twisting during hard sailing.Priced each.
Chinook 5-hole Footstrap Insert - Self tapping.
Chinook 10 inc Vented Mast Box - with plastic slotted vent screw.
Dakine, Inc Boom Bra Part# 1701
Chinook Tee-Shirt Short Sleeve - Med Part# CS 617MD
Chinook Tuttle Fin Box - standard depth
Chinook Tendon Joint - replacement tendon for mast feet.Standard with most tendon bases on the market.
The Wild Child is specifically designed for windsurfers under 12 years old. Convertable from a waist to a seat harness making it as versatile as it is cool. The leg straps keep the harness from riding up, and the cam- lock buckle is light and easy to use.
Chinook Tee Shirt - Short Sleeve Lg Part# CS 617LG
Chinook Footstrap External Adjustment Part# CS 510
Chinook Vent Screw, Aluminum W/ O-Ring Part# CS 319
Friction Pad - A Urethane replacement pad for Chinook Triple Clamp Boom Heads.Available in SDM and RDM sizes. Choose Small for Reduced Diameter Masts. Choose Large for Standard Diameter Masts.
Chinook Triple Pulley Hook
Chinook Rubber Joint - replacement rubber joint for mast feet.
Boom Collar Set 2-Pin for Pro 1 or RDG Booms
Quick thumb activated connect and disconnect makes the Kingpin a must have. Horizontal pull and direct connection to the harness keeps the spreader bar form riding up. Overbuilt for undeniable strength.