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Chinook Carbon Boom Tailpiece - 66cm. Replacement part.Monocoque tubular construction for increased stiffness and strength. Permanent co-laminated extension length markings. Outhaul block rigs to a grommet or double sail pulley with no line crossover. Thr
We put it all in our 2015 top end aluminum booms. Pro 1 Alloy booms have exceptional torsional rigidity and fit both standard and reduced diameter masts perfectly. The addition of absolute length markings on a generous 62cm tail-piece aid with rigging you
Aerotech Sails, Inc. Sail Aero Rapid Fire 5.0 Part# E-028
Synergy Sports Inc. Mast Wave 75 400Cm Skinny Part#
Ezzy Skinny Mast - 400 cmThese reduced diameter masts are made from 90% pre-preg carbon fiber with extra thick walls for superior strength. Pre-preg is the key to acheiving a superior weight-to-strength ratio. The fibers are pre-saturated to an exact resi
The windSUP is all about bringing windsurfing back to a simpler time with a few modern touches. The sail can go from the roof of your car to the water in under a minute. Just pull the mast bag off, fold the boom down and roll the sail out. Attach the outh
Aerotech Sails, Inc. 2015 Edge Elilte Adj 8 Part#
The popular Dakine Fusion Kiteboard harness offers an ideal combination of comfort and control in a low-profile seat harness. The Fusion design builds on Dakine's deep kiteboarding heritage with performance features including the push button easy-connect/
Aerotech Sails, Inc. Sail Aerotech Air-X 5.8M Part# G032
Groundswell, L.L.C. Sail Taka2 3.8M Part#
Groundswell, L.L.C. Mast Rdm 400Cm Top Part#
Aerotech Sails, Inc. Sail - Aerotech Glide 5.8 Part#
Aerotech Sails, Inc. Sail 2009 Freespeed 6.5M Part#
Aerotech Sails, Inc. Sail 2009 5.2 Freespeed Part#
Aerotech Sails, Inc. Sail 2009 Freespeed 5.8M Part#
The Elite Edge paddle is available in both 8 and 8.5" blade sizes. The paddle features our latest patented urethane edge. The urethane edge is sandwiched internally so only a small amount is external. It has just enough urethane exposed to minimize board