- Chinook Superlite Carbon 100 RDM is the ultimate in materials, pre-preg construction, and performance.- Lighten and liven up your rig. You will feel the difference- 100% High Modulus Carbon Fiber- Constant Curve- 2-Piece
- Provides excellent reflex resp
Trident Sports Starboard Kode 103 Wood Part#
Bic Core 160D Fun Board - The Core 160D provides the perfect balance between fun and learning. It is a great board and sails amazingly well in light to medium wind conditions. The board is targeted more towards windsurfers looking forward to learn and pr
Aerotech Sails, Inc. Windsup Bamboo Grey 11Ft 8In Part#
Hifly North America (800)424-4359 Board Hifly Family Pack Part# FAM PACK
Kona One Design (Kona Style)Leading the recent long board revival is the new generation of long boards known as the Kona's. The One Design is a one-size-fits-all board much like the original long
Trident Sports Starboard Isonic 117 Wide Co Part#
Synergy Sports Inc. Mast - Mauil Sail Srs100 490 Part#
Next Sport Board Fanatic Shark 165 Part#
Chinook Board Madd 138 Part#
BIC Nova 240D - High volume, super stable and fitted with a daggerboard, the new Nova 240 D is the perfect board for large riders looking to learn and progress fast and easily. Designed to make your first learning experiences successful and easy – yet gr
BIC Nova 165 Funboard - More for the lighter-weight riders, the Nova 165 is designed for learning and progressing. It is fitted with a removable center fin, and an integral EVA Deck pad. Stable and easy to ride, its short shape makes it simple to carve a
Aerotech Sails, Inc. Sail Aerotech Zenith 9.0M Xply Part#
Aerotech Sails, Inc. Board Exocet Rs6 2014 Part#
Aerotech Sails, Inc. Board Kona One Carbon Part#
Free-Ride Dacron Rig Pack 5.5
Starboard Kode Freemove 123 Technora 2013Wave, Freestyle Wave or Freemove, 

what's your style?  Starboard's wave freestyle boards.

The Kode Freemoves are maneuverable, aggressive freeriders available in 113 and 123 liter

Their new 2013 shapes
Trident Sports Board Carve 131 Ast Starboard Part#

Sail Switch 6.0

Synergy Sports Inc. Sail Switch 6.0 Part#
Sky Hi U.S.A. Board Starboard Go 155 Tufskin Part#

Sail Tiger 5.8M

Groundswell, L.L.C. Sail Tiger 5.8M Part#
Aerotech Sails, Inc. Rig Windsup 5.8M Part#