Fanatic Freewave TE 106 Part# FW106TE

Fanatic Gecko 120


BIC TECHNO 293 OD DTT - Start, progress and race What helped the Techno 293 OD become such a successful Class Racing board was its general performance and easy control. With a high volume and moderate outline, the Techno 293 OD provides a stable platform
Bic Core 160D Fun Board - The Core 160D provides the perfect balance between fun and learning. It is a great board and sails amazingly well in light to medium wind conditions. The board is targeted more towards windsurfers looking forward to learn and pr
Aerotech Sails, Inc. 2015 Exocet Windsup Ast 10 Part#
Aerotech Sails, Inc. Board Aerotech Scross 115 Mc Part#
Power Glide Rig Pack w/ 40% Carbon Reduced Diameter Mast
Starboard Kode Freemove 123 Technora 2013Wave, Freestyle Wave or Freemove, 

what's your style?  Starboard's wave freestyle boards.

The Kode Freemoves are maneuverable, aggressive freeriders available in 113 and 123 liter

Their new 2013 shapes
Sailworks R+D Loft Sail Sailworks Retro 7.5M Part#
Aerotech Sails, Inc. Sup Exocet Windsup 10 Wood Part#
Aerotech Sails, Inc. 2015 Kona One 220 Part#
Aerotech Sails, Inc. Board Kona Link Part#
Power Glide Rig Pack w/ Epoxy Fiberglass Standard Diameter Mast
Sailworks R+D Loft Sail Sailworks Retro 5.5M Part# RETRO55
Aerotech Sails, Inc. Board/Rig Cruiser/5.5 Genesis Part# G252
Trident Sports Board Starboard Rio Large Part#
Trident Sports Starboard Kode 103 Wood Part#
Trident Sports Starboard Isonic 117 Wide Co Part#
Trident Sports Starboard Formula Hwr Part#
Synergy Sports Inc. Maui Sail Tr-7 7.6 Part#