Fin Works Waveblade 9.75" E Finworks Part# WB 248 E-BASE
Chinook Short Aluminum RD Mast Extension - Euro-PinCustom alloy and bell shaped tubing provide the best weight-to-strength available in aluminum. All come with a pin and collar adjustment system and the proven Euro-Pin Power-Haul pulley and cleat system.
Chinook Race Harness Lines"The ultimate racing harness lines." Designed for the serious sailor who wants the best. Easy in-flight adjustments, 12 inch plus range, pre-length setting, anodized cleats, durable/stiff self-positioning tubing loop, replaceable
Chinook Aluminum Tailpiece - 1/1-8 inch x 24 inch.Easy loop-n-go design for quick rigging. Foam filled tubing keeps water and sand out. Incremental tail piece markings. Adjustment range of 62 cm with 2 cm increments. Standard on Triple Clamp Gorge, Wave,
O'Neill Pyscho St 4.3Mm - 13 Part#
Plastic blade and adjustable aluminum shaft. EVA paddle grip gives you a soft grip that doesn't slip. Adjusts from 170 to 210. The nicest paddle you'll find for under $100.